Who We Are

Korean Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM) is a civic environmental organization that takes progressive actions to support core values of life, peace, ecology, and bottom-up participation in harmony with nature.

KFEM was established in 1984 as part of the Anti-Pollution Movement Conference. Growing interest in the environment further fostered the development of the Korean Anti-Pollution Movement Association in 1988, which eventually led to an assembly of eight nationwide groups to form the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement in 1993.

Aiming to create a better environment, KFEM is both internationally and regionally active. It is the largest environmental NGO in South Korea and encompasses 52 regional organizations, 5 specialized institutions, and 5 cooperative institutions. It maintains an international profile as a member of the Friends of the Earth International(FoEI), as well as attending and hosting numerous international conferences such as the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Ramsar Convention for Wetland, and the Regional Fishery Management Organization. While collaborating with many grassroots organizations, KFEM also works with international NGOs, including the International Crane Foundation, Pacific Environment, DMZ Forum INC, and Wetland International.

With approximately 30,000 supporters in Korea and 200 activists, KFEM campaigns on major environmental issues such as energy transition and climate change, and engages in many projects, including the anti-nuclear movement, nature conservation activity (of land, ocean, river, and wetland), and reduction and recycling of plastic wastes. It also monitors Korean companies overseas for environmental destruction and human rights violations.

The KFEM will continue to strive for a safe and sound environment through consistent interactions, monitoring, and animated participation in any field for the sake of our present and future generations.