Ocean and wetland

Conserve the marine wildlife

Marine-protected areas have been gradually expanded to protect marine wildlife. The climate crisis, illegal, unreported, unregulated (IUU) fisheries, habitat destruction, and ocean pollution have destroyed the global ocean.

IUU fishery is responsible for catching more than 30% of fish stock. The KFEM’s ocean and wetland activities focus on eradicating IUU fisheries in coastal water fishery and distant water fishery. Korea’s DWF is one of the five largest fisheries in the world.

There are approximately 65,000 fishing boats registered in Korea, of which approximately 40,000 are currently active in the CWF and 18,000 fishing boats are engaged in fishing every day.

The KFEM claims that Korea’s fishing industry is not well-controlled by the government, which has led to the annual disappearance of more than 1, 000 marine mammals.

The KFEM’s plans to eliminate IUU fishing, support the government’s fisheries management, and expand marine protection zones pursue the coexistence of marine wildlife and mankind for both present and future generations.