Plastic waste & Recycle

Free from plastic

The environmental problems caused by plastic waste have reached severe levels. Global plastic production increased by an annual average of 6%. If this trend continues, production is expected to reach 1.66 billion tons by 2050. Greenhouse gas emissions from plastics will nearly quadruple from 1.78 Gt in 2015 to 6.5 Gt in 2050.

Our work centers on reducing plastic use and promoting the use of recycled products. We believe that adopting policies that call for manufacturers to produce less plastic and make recycling easier will also contribute to reducing plastic pollution. Many large companies have already removed plastic trays from snack packages and meal kits, leading the market toward eco-friendly packaging. We are also committed to raise people’s awareness of importance of real-life plastic waste reduction by letting them participate in easier approach such as challenges such as “plastic zero challenge” or “plogging.”