Friends of Earth International

Friends of Earth International (FoEI) is one of the three leading environmental NGOs with Greenpeace and World Wildlife Fund, constituting associations from France, Sweden, England, and America that joined in 1971 to develop into a unified federation of 76 nations.

Among the 5, 000 organizations and 200 million members under the FoEI, the KFEM has been accredited as a global environmental organization since 2002.

Organizations under the FoEI continued to take pragmatic actions, and their efforts have attracted international acclaim, and include enacting legislation to restrict glacier mining in Argentina, passing the world’s first climate change act in the UK, making water a human right under the Uruguayan constitution, and postponing oil production activities in Northern Norway.

The organization campaigned against then President George W. Bush’s rejection of the ratification of the Climate Change Convention in 2001 by sending protest emails, which ultimately crashed the White House server. In 2010, the chairman of the FoEI, Nimmo Bassey, officially declared a counter-manifesto against the Four Major Rivers Project in the Republic of Korea.

The FoEI has persistently worked on five major areas: climate justice and energy, forests and biodiversity, opposition against mining fossil fuels, food sovereignty, and economic justice to resist neoliberalism. Members of the FoEI have undertaken joint campaigns on these critical issues and held meetings to consolidate plans and strive for a better world.