• 1993  Establishment of KFEM
  • 1995  Activities against the plan to build a nuclear waste site in Gureopdo Island
  • 1996  Activities opposing the Sihwa Lake reclamation project
  • 1997  Activities to stop Taiwan’s export of nuclear waste to North Korea


  • 2000  Activities to cancel the Donggang Dam construction plan
  • 2001  Campaign to save Saemangeum Tidal Flat
  • 2002  Sign up as a member of Friends of the Earth
  • 2003  Activities to cancel the Gayasan golf course construction plan
  • 2007  Activities to protect the Janghang tidal flat and attract the National Ecological Center 
  • 2008  Citizen activities to remove oil from Samsung-Habei Spirit oil spill incident / Activities against the Korean Peninsula Grand Canal Project


  • 2010  Activities against the Four Major Rivers Project
  • 2011  Activities to response Fukushima nuclear accident
  • 2012  Activities to cancel cable car construction in national parks
  • 2013  Activities to release the Seoul Grand Park dolphin, ‘Jedori’
  • 2015  Referendum for and against construction of Yeongdeok Nuclear Power Plant / Closure of Wolseong Unit 1 nuclear power plant / Activities against the construction of a cable car on Mt. Seorak
  • 2016  Busan City Gijang seawater desalination referendum / Boycott campaign of Oxy Reckitt Benckiser, the company responsible for the humidifier disinfectant incident
  • 2017  Life extension of Wolseong Unit 1 nuclear power plant invalidated / Activities to cancel the construction of coal power plants / Activities to cancel construction of Shin-Gori Nuclear Power Plant Unit 5, 6
  • 2018  Closure of Wolseong Unit 1 nuclear power plant and cancellation of four new nuclear power plants / Activities to regulate the use of disposable cups
  • 2019  Early closure of old coal power plants / Activities to prevent climate crisis


  • 2020  Activities opposing coal investment by financial companies / Opening of dams on the Geumgang and Yeongsan Rivers and activities to re-naturalize the four major rivers
  • 2021  Campaign to eliminate plastic tray packaging in the food industry / Activities to enact and strengthen fishing gear management laws
  • 2022  Activities to prevent climate crisis / Coal phase-out law enactment campaign / Campaign to withdraw Fukushima radioactive water dumping / Four Major Rivers Restoration Activities / Marine protected area expansion campaign
  • 2023 Campaign to withdraw Fukushima radioactive water dumping / Activities to strengthen regulations on the use of disposable products