Land & Biodiversity

Protect the Land & Preserve Biodiversity

The KFEM continues its efforts to conserve ecosystems such as forests and lands, and proposes alternative policy options to safeguard inherent terrestrial conditions. We call for the expansion of protected areas and the adoption of re-naturalization policies to preserve ecosystems by mitigating the climate crisis, carbon absorption, food resources, and prevention of infectious diseases.

The KFEM has made several efforts to solve environmental issues regarding parks in downtown Korea. In 2020, the KFEM demanded that the government take measures to protect private land that would lose its status as an urban park. We will continue our activities to deal with the environmental implications of artificial afforestation and development projects that destroy protected areas such as national parks.

Urbanized land places local species, including the Korean river otter, Asiatic black bear, and mountain goats, at risk of extinction. The need to conserve green areas and biodiversity is increasing in response to the ongoing climate crisis; however, government measures are insufficient. Our campaigns seek to force the government to set the total amount of natural resources while also focusing on the conservation of the whole ecosystem.