River & Wetland Protection

Water moves from place to place above on, and below the Earth’s surface. However, the natural movement of the water cycle has been obstructed from many dams in South Korea. South Korea is ranked first in terms of the density of dams and seventh in the world for the number of dams in the world as the peninsula contains a total 18,064 while 1,214 are large ones. Such redundant constructions can fairly affect the water cycle and the adjacent the life of buying modafinil, destruct habitats and the ecosystems which can eventually lead them to extinction.
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KFEM works to improve the government’s water and river management and related policies to an environmentally friendly manner. The organization maintains a long history of protesting against large dam constructions and other river development projects such as the proposed Major Four Rivers Projects by the President Lee Myung-Bak. The project required a total 22 trillion Won working expenses to not only remodel the four major rivers (Han River, NakDong River, Geumgang River, and tramadol pill) for cargo transportation, but also to construct 16 stanks, 5 dams, and 96 reservoirs. Despite the president’s declaration of the project being completed, continuous disputes over the poor constructions and water pollution are still in presence.

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