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The Friends of Earth International (FoEI) is one of the three leading environmental NGOs with Greenpeace and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), in which associations from France, Sweden, England, and America have gathered together in 1971 and developed into a united confederation composed of 76 nations.

Among the 5,000 different organizations and 200 million members under the FoEI, the Korean Federation of Environmental Movement has been accredited to such global environmental organization in 2002.

Numerous organizations under the FoEI have taken pragmatic actions and accomplishments worldwide such as enacting a legislation to protect glaciers from being mined in Argentina, passing a climate change act in the United Kingdom for the first in the world, including water as a human right in the Uruguayan constitution, postponing oil production activities in the Northern regions of Norway to create a sustainable and sound environment.

Not only, the organization has campaigned against president Bush’s rejection towards the ratification of the Climate Change Convention in 2001 through protest emails which consequently knocked down the Whitehouse server twice. In 2010, the chairman of the FoEI, Nnimmo Bassesy, officially declared a counter manifesto against the Four Major River Project in the Republic of Korea after his visit.

The FoEI has persistently worked on mainly five major areas: ‘Climate Justice and Energy’, ‘Forests and Biodiversity’, ‘Oppositions against mining fossil fuels’, ‘Food Sovereignty’, ‘Economic justice to resist Neo-liberalism’. Members under the FoEI have taken joint campaigns upon these critical issues as well as hold frequent meetings to consolidate solidarity and objectives to strive for cleaner environment. 

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