Cooperative Institutions

Korea Environmental Education Center (KEEC)

The Korea Environmental Education Center (KEEC) was established in January 2000, to develop education programs for citizens at all levels. Since the past, KEEC has been involved and worked on programs in training leaders to learn the importance and necessity of environmental education, designing and distributing environmental textbooks, as well as researching and setting environmental policies.

 Major Activities

  • Research on the systemization of environmental education
  • Develop and distribute education materials and tools
  • Develop and provide environmental programs for people of all ages and educators
  • Advise on effective environmental education and development
  • Form a network for environmental education
  • Evaluate environmental education related policies and recommend education policies


Institute for Climate Change Action

Institute for Climate Change action was established in 2009 as a non-profit private institution with the objectives of seeking policy measures and solutions to combat the current climate change phenomena. The organization also shares regular information and news regarding of climate change situations with the public through newsletters, holds frequent activities such as debates, lectures, and seminars as well as publish environmental policy books that mainly discusses upon how to mitigate and adapt to those environmental changes


EcoPeace Asia

EcoPeace Asia was established in 2009 after 6 years of grass-root activities and networks in China, promoting tree plantation programs in order to halt the rapid desertification. The organization not only upholds objectives of restoring ecological systems and stopping desertification, they also perform pragmatic activities in recovering mangrove forests, encourage the supply of environmentally friendly energies to mitigate climate change and others. The offices are located in South Korea, China, and Mongolia.


Asian Citizen’s Center for Environment and Health

Established in 2010, the Asian Citizen’s Center for Environment and Health has been conducting various researches upon health issues among the public caused by environmental pollution. The institution assists victims who have been susceptible from such environmental ramifications as well as actively engage in the environmental health movement in Asia. Moreover, they have been playing a dominant role in addressing environmental issues that exists in our daily lives such as particulate matters, asbestos, and humidifier disinfectants that were identified detrimental for individuals’ health.

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